Today a large number of PC users, primarily in the USA, are being massively bombarded by a ransomware virus that presents itself as some warning supposedly coming from FBI (the Federal Bureau of Investigation). This warning typically begins with a scary phrase that reads: “”. Indeed, the PC is locked, but this took place not as a result of FBI’s interference but, instead, as a consequence of hackers’ masterpieces. This masterpiece is the very ransomware program that they elaborated. It locks the desktop of the infected computer and says that users must pay certain amount of funds in order to unlock it. This amount is the “ransom” – thus you have the explanation of what ransomware really is. Without exaggeration, today this type of infection is ever-increasing and thus attacks more and more PCs around the globe, not just in the United States of America.

fbi moneypak virus Computer locked by FBI. How to unlock it

In the majority of cases the ransomware virus locker that presents itself as some FBI warning is spread by means of a special Trojan horse that takes the essential part in its distribution. How can one avoid being infected with this desktop hijacker? First, users must be very careful while they surf the Internet. Clicking unknown links without thinking is, or course dangerous. Many links today are infected with all kinds of malwares. They can be spread via Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. By the way, the latest tendency for such links to be spread is via Skype as well. Clicking these infected links may not necessarily cause FBI virus locker to appear on your system at once, but this may bring some other Trojan horse that will implant itself into your PC and will wait until the command is given by hackers to start infecting your system more considerable with other cyber garbage. Thus, the FBI ransomware comes into the machine. The entire desktop turns out to be totally inoperable. Users cannot do anything with their computers. Restarting the machine doesn’t help – the locked status prevails.

FBI of the US Department of Justice isn’t associated with the locker you see depicted above. However, hackers simply use the good name of this organization as a method of scaring users. In the similar manner they use the services of a well-known payment processing company GreenDot MoneyPak as a way to collect funds from users who mistakenly trusted the scary notification allegedly coming from the police. This is why many users in their search queries also indicate “GreenDot MoneyPak virus”. Of course, this is a mistake to associate this locker with this well-known payment company that is so popular in the US and Canada.

Summarizing the above-mentioned information, please ignore the warning that you see depicted at the screenshot above. When we say “ignore” we mean that you should not trust its contents. Of course, you shouldn’t leave things as they are, because you must do something to restore your system back to the fully functional condition. Unlocking the computer infected by ransomware is a challenge for many security blogs. Loaris Inc. gives the instructions below that will explain the basic milestones on how to successfully revive your system and get rid of this horrible and annoying ransomware infection that attacked it.

FBI virus warning removal guide:

  1. Restart your computer and press F8 while it is restarting (before Windows starts booting).
  2. Select Safe mode with networking as seen from the screenshot below.
  3. safe mode with networking Computer locked by FBI. How to unlock it

  4. Press Start and select Run. Alternatively, you may press Win+R hotkey command on your keyboard.
  5. start run Computer locked by FBI. How to unlock it

  6. In the empty field type msconfig.
  7. run msconfig Computer locked by FBI. How to unlock it

  8. Disable startup items rundll32 turning on any application from Application Data.
  9. Restart your system once again into normal mode.
  10. Scan your system with to identify file and delete it.

Important! Some versions of these viruses disable all safe modes, but give a short gap that you can use to run anti-malware programs. If this is the case, please do following:

  • Restart your PC normally.
  • Click Start and go to Run.
  • Enter If malware is loaded, just press Alt+Tab hotkey command once and keep entering the string blindly, then press Enter.
  • Press Alt+Tab and then R (letter) several times. After you succeed to download, install and run Loaris Trojan Remover the process of FBI ransowmare should be killed.

Software recommended for system cleanup:

download Computer locked by FBI. How to unlock it