This guide describes one of the ways how System Care Antivirus is spread these days. It is called fake . This is a popup that uses browser vulnerability and comes up in front of you, saying that your computer is in danger. Then it offers to clean computer, afterwards the installer of the rogue is downloaded. Its subsequent execution brings to installation of System Care Antivirus malware. Here is how alert looks like:

microsoft antivirus Fake Microsoft Antivirus popup. How to remove it

System Care Antivirus is a new rogue anti-virus software designed to run the money chase campaign to deceive users worldwide and to trick them into paying for the totally powerless anti-malware program. In other words, when somebody actually purchases this type of software it would not benefit the PC at all. The system remains under the same vulnerable condition. So, once other real threats try to enter it System Care Antivirus would not detect them. Be not surprised with this fact, however, because this application is the hoax that must not be treated as reliable security tool. Its name has been chosen by fraudsters to make you think it is legitimate. Nevertheless, our outward impressions about certain products or programs do not often coincide with the real facts about them, their features and capabilities. This is the exact story when we analyze this rogue anti-malware program.

After System Care Antivirus enters the computer with weak security barriers it installs it automatically in such a manner that it would be launched each time users turn their PCs on. Like all other rogues, it starts the fake scan of your computer and afterwards reports many infections that are also fake. The reason why it does that is because the program wants to make you scared for your computer and your personal security. It also promises to remove all fake threats it finds only after you pay for its licensed version. Be not deceived at this stage. Trial or full licensed version of this rogue don’t make any difference. Both of them are equally helpless to identify system vulnerabilities.

Considering the above-mentioned, buying System Care Antivirus is the total waste of your funds. This is the program that cannot be of help in times of serious malware attacks. Please do not disclose any of your personal or financial (credit or debit card) information via the fraudulent payment processing interface of this rogue. Try to reboot your system into safe mode with networking. Then download, install, update and run reliable security software. Remove all threats it finds. Reboot your PC again and try to repeat the scan.

download Fake Microsoft Antivirus popup. How to remove it