This article describes the danger associated with the name of the file called . At the present time there are various rogue security programs (like ) which are installed into computers through fake scanning windows resulting from browsers being hijacked. Security_cleaner.exe is the file that may be seriously infected and implant rogue security programs into your computer. So, please be very careful when dealing with them!

Do you encounter System Care Antivirus scam regularly on your PC each time you turn it on? Does this fact annoy you? If this is the case then your PC has unambiguously caught one of the most severe and misleading rogue applications spread over the Internet today. Please carefully read this article aimed to assist you in describing what this rogue does and how users can uninstall it. System Care Antivirus penetrates into one’s PC in a manner that you probably will not be able to easily trace. It’s primarily a trojan-involved procedure and attack the available security software may not notice timely and thus allows the rogue to implant itself into your system. While running on your workstation the hoax would be persistent in trying to draw your attention to the alleged problems of presence of various threats on your machines. It asserts that malwares, spyware and other dangerous items are going to ruin your security protection barriers and commence demolishing your PC. You are probably guessing why this tool is performing such a role and what it is going to instruct you to do finally. The answer is it tries to convince you to obtain its so-called licensed version which is claimed to be the solution that will assist you in deleting the threats. However, the reality is that none of the infected items reported by this scam are actually inside of your system – the frauds prepared this fake threat list for the only purpose of scaring users.

Hence, you should not trust System Care Antivirus. Likewise, it is not a good decision to do what it instructs you to. Below please find the pattern of your sequence of steps for deleting this badware: restart your system and choose Safe Mode with Networking by repeated hitting F8 key, go to this same article and download Loaris Trojan Remover to detect and remove viruses like System Care Antivirus.

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