It is almost impossible to find the person who has never installed Pirated or Cracked software. There are plenty of resources on the Web where users can meet available applications and programs and download them for free. Commonly, pirated software has disabled protection features that makes such utilities unsecure. Sadly, but we have strong arguments against cracked programs. Firstly, read our five issues about pirated software, and then, it will be up to you install or not to install.


Cracked or pirate software has been spread around the Internet not because some good souls decided to share their favourite utilities or films with the rest of the world. It is hackers who tend to install unwanted utilities onto your PC. While using pirated, you make your system visible and opened to various viruses and malware. Then, you know what is going on.


Websites with pirated content often doesn’t care about those who visit their resources, so that safety of the users is at risk. Of course, not all want to get to the non-confident resources, however, cyber criminals may even redirect netizens to the suspicious sites which can infect the system with various computer threats like ransomware, spyware, adware and so on.


Do you know that cracked versions of the software may influence the work of the whole system? It reduces performance and is the reason of instability. Software updates mean a lot for the security of the PC and its normal work, however, pirated programs miss regular fixes and are less efficient.


When you install pirated software, you violate the law. And you really can assume executive responsibility for personal online actions. If you do not have intention to be judged, omit breaking the law and installing cracked software.


Internet visitors often install cracked software that contains viruses. In lucky cases, antivirus detects such utilities and blocks them, however, that is not a surprise to infect the system with malware samples attached to the pirated programs. Commonly, manually modified software is able to conduct actions not mentioned by users or security software. It can be previously programmed to copy all your actions or sent documents and transfer this information to the malicious users.

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