Adware or ad-supported software stands for the malicious application that aims to spread advertising banners and generate the traffic. It delivers ads automatically. We have told you about types of adware here. Let’s remind some of them: In-text ads, Pop-ups and pop-unders, Banner Ads, URL Redirection, Automatic video adverts.

Advertisers often use adware a tool to generate revenue. In some cases, adware is used with positive purpose to spread the ads. Sadly, we have to classify this software as malicious because it comes bundled with different hazardous items like spyware or keyloggers.

Malicious adware deals with showing pop-ups and not closing windows that appear while surfing the Internet. To block such popping-up windows is difficult or even impossible unless user finds the source of adware and deletes it.

Adware may appear in the system legally and have no essential effect on the OS efficiency. However, you should know that such objects may be used by third-party users to spy your sensitive information and collect searching keys. You need to have adware-removal application to protect your privacy and delete unwanted items.

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