How to choose the best and the safest applications among thousands of applications in the App Store? If popularity plays a key role for you, it is mandatory to read our tips right now! There is a risk to lose your sensitive information and money after launching fishy app with a huge number of downloads.



  Let’s start from the very beginning. Use only trusted sites where you can meet legal apps. It is better to avoid random sites with suspicious content. Look through the application settings, they should not require compromising your device. If there is a possibility to decrease the risk of your data loss and minimize some settings, do it to make the app fitting the security demands. In case when the application looks weird and does not inspire confidence, think twice before installation. There are plenty of similar software, so you can try to find something more reliable and safe.

  It is an interesting fact that there are plenty of applications rating of 3+, but these age limits has been recommended by the developers of the software. The rules of the site which spreads the app may require a particular age of the peopson, for example, at least 14. Still, the kid can try to register and install the application successfully despite the limitation. Unfortunately, if the administration figures out that you have broken the rules, your results may be invalidated, you will lose all the progress. That is why you need to choose the apps with acceptable age limit and restrictions.

  Be careful with applications which tie credit cards to require fees for particular functions and promotions. If you still think that only games can take money to leap the level or improve the armour, that is only partially right. Nowadays, many apps require payments for the additional services or scanning documents. So, you need to be careful not to lose your money without a direct wish. It is better to check the settings and confirm each purchase manually, that can save you hundreds of dollars. In spite of all tries to make you click on the button, you will be able to pay only after the renewed request of the system. Thus, you can refuse unwanted actions.

  Pay closer attention to the app permissions. Apps require a permission for access to your data and particular functions on the device. The temptation to leaf through faster and click on “Permit” is high but you should make an effort and manage to read the requirements before using a new app. If you refuse, one day you may find out that your location and contacts are available to the third-party users. That is why it is better to check the settings and make sure that none of them compromises your privacy.

  Update your applications in time! When you install the app onto your device, it doesn’t matter that it will work without any modifications. Developers are constantly improving the app and fix some suspicious issues. It is impossible to design a perfect product without any bugs, so the work is ongoing even after the application release. As a rule, vulnerabilities of the program cause serious security problems. Consequently, you should hold your finger on the available updates and keep your apps up to date all the time.


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