What types of popular addiction do you know? If you thought about drugs and alcohol first of all, you urgently need to read this article. Here, we want to alert Internet users that they are addicted even without having an idea about that. So, we collected the most popular ways of catching our attention while you are online, and you will be shocked to know the ways marketers and bloggers use to involve you in the interaction.

  1. 1. In-text ads

Users who deal with blogs often seek assistance from so-called In-text ads. This type of adverts stands for the sort of contextual advertising that matches both key words in the text and advertising samples. In other words, they are the links converted into the text words. Such kind of advertising features is really convenient, it enables bloggers to save place in the text and simply forward Internet visitors to the necessary pages. It is a nice method to monetize own blog, so many popular bloggers and freshers use it. You may already heard about Infolinks, Viglink, Vibrant, BeContext, Skimlinks and some others, all of them refer to the In-text Advertising Programs.

  2. Pop-ups and pop-unders

Pop-ups and pop-unders are both pop-ads which open a new browser window in front of the Internet visitors. But the way users see these two types of popping ads is different. In the case with pop-ups, it opens the window with the advert at once, so user look at it in front of the current site. Pop-under shows ads under the running site, and Internet visitor meets them after closing the window. Pop-ups and pop-unders also help to monetize the site and earn money for its owner generating the traffic.

3. Banner Ads

Banner Ad is what you can describe as a rectangular image or display with the text. It can appear in the bottom of the screen, take place in the side of the web site or occupy a sport stretching across the top. Banner Ads appear in some apps and remind about themselves refreshing from time to time. There are more types of this ad according to the position they take on the screen they can be called leaderboards or skyscrapers.

4. URL Redirection

URL Redirection is one more way how advertisers can make the page more available. This technique can be also used if in the process of site development some things have been changed. We mean modification in the general structure of the site, changing of the domain name or the situation when the site has moved to another place, so Internet visitors who enter the address of the site are simply forwarded to the necessary page. Typically, Internet vendors are interested to know what sort of goods is interesting for customers. It is easy to learn detailed statistics.

5. Automatic video adverts

This sort of advertising has all chances to be called the most irritating as well as the most effective. No one can ignore it while entering the page with such type of ads. Statistics say that more than 60% of all advertisement banners are automatically played, and marketers like them very much as they enable customers and Internet visitors to see and capture the most important information appealed to them. In fact, the irritation provoked by the automatic video adverts motivates developers to create new Ad Blockers or such programs which are able to mute the pop-ups. Still, this king of advertising techniques remains popular and demanded.

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