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It is almost impossible to find the person who has never installed Pirated or Cracked software. There are plenty of resources on the Web where users can meet available applications and programs and download them for free. Commonly, pirated software has disabled protection features that makes such utilities unsecure. Sadly, but we have strong arguments against cracked programs. Firstly, read our five issues about pirated software, and then, it will be up to you install or not to install.


Cracked or pirate software has been spread around the Internet not because some good souls decided to share their favourite utilities or films with the rest of the world. It is hackers who tend to install unwanted utilities onto your PC. While using pirated, you make your system visible and opened to various viruses and malware. Then, you know what is going on.


Websites with pirated content often doesn’t care about those who visit their resources, so that safety of the users is at risk. Of course, not all want to get to the non-confident resources, however, cyber criminals may even redirect netizens to the suspicious sites which can infect the system with various computer threats like ransomware, spyware, adware and so on.


Do you know that cracked versions of the software may influence the work of the whole system? It reduces performance and is the reason of instability. Software updates mean a lot for the security of the PC and its normal work, however, pirated programs miss regular fixes and are less efficient.


When you install pirated software, you violate the law. And you really can assume executive responsibility for personal online actions. If you do not have intention to be judged, omit breaking the law and installing cracked software.


Internet visitors often install cracked software that contains viruses. In lucky cases, antivirus detects such utilities and blocks them, however, that is not a surprise to infect the system with malware samples attached to the pirated programs. Commonly, manually modified software is able to conduct actions not mentioned by users or security software. It can be previously programmed to copy all your actions or sent documents and transfer this information to the malicious users.


Adware or ad-supported software stands for the malicious application that aims to spread advertising banners and generate the traffic. It delivers ads automatically. We have told you about types of adware here. Let’s remind some of them: In-text ads, Pop-ups and pop-unders, Banner Ads, URL Redirection, Automatic video adverts.

Advertisers often use adware a tool to generate revenue. In some cases, adware is used with positive purpose to spread the ads. Sadly, we have to classify this software as malicious because it comes bundled with different hazardous items like spyware or keyloggers.

Malicious adware deals with showing pop-ups and not closing windows that appear while surfing the Internet. To block such popping-up windows is difficult or even impossible unless user finds the source of adware and deletes it.

Adware may appear in the system legally and have no essential effect on the OS efficiency. However, you should know that such objects may be used by third-party users to spy your sensitive information and collect searching keys. You need to have adware-removal application to protect your privacy and delete unwanted items.

Are you ADdicted?

What types of popular addiction do you know? If you thought about drugs and alcohol first of all, you urgently need to read this article. Here, we want to alert Internet users that they are addicted even without having an idea about that. So, we collected the most popular ways of catching our attention while you are online, and you will be shocked to know the ways marketers and bloggers use to involve you in the interaction.

  1. 1. In-text ads

Users who deal with blogs often seek assistance from so-called In-text ads. This type of adverts stands for the sort of contextual advertising that matches both key words in the text and advertising samples. In other words, they are the links converted into the text words. Such kind of advertising features is really convenient, it enables bloggers to save place in the text and simply forward Internet visitors to the necessary pages. It is a nice method to monetize own blog, so many popular bloggers and freshers use it. You may already heard about Infolinks, Viglink, Vibrant, BeContext, Skimlinks and some others, all of them refer to the In-text Advertising Programs.

  2. Pop-ups and pop-unders

Pop-ups and pop-unders are both pop-ads which open a new browser window in front of the Internet visitors. But the way users see these two types of popping ads is different. In the case with pop-ups, it opens the window with the advert at once, so user look at it in front of the current site. Pop-under shows ads under the running site, and Internet visitor meets them after closing the window. Pop-ups and pop-unders also help to monetize the site and earn money for its owner generating the traffic.

3. Banner Ads

Banner Ad is what you can describe as a rectangular image or display with the text. It can appear in the bottom of the screen, take place in the side of the web site or occupy a sport stretching across the top. Banner Ads appear in some apps and remind about themselves refreshing from time to time. There are more types of this ad according to the position they take on the screen they can be called leaderboards or skyscrapers.

4. URL Redirection

URL Redirection is one more way how advertisers can make the page more available. This technique can be also used if in the process of site development some things have been changed. We mean modification in the general structure of the site, changing of the domain name or the situation when the site has moved to another place, so Internet visitors who enter the address of the site are simply forwarded to the necessary page. Typically, Internet vendors are interested to know what sort of goods is interesting for customers. It is easy to learn detailed statistics.

5. Automatic video adverts

This sort of advertising has all chances to be called the most irritating as well as the most effective. No one can ignore it while entering the page with such type of ads. Statistics say that more than 60% of all advertisement banners are automatically played, and marketers like them very much as they enable customers and Internet visitors to see and capture the most important information appealed to them. In fact, the irritation provoked by the automatic video adverts motivates developers to create new Ad Blockers or such programs which are able to mute the pop-ups. Still, this king of advertising techniques remains popular and demanded.

What is Malware?

Malware was made by combination of two words malicious and software, so that we have malware. Commonly, we meet the name “badware” which gives merely characteristic of the malicious software aims. Cyber criminals use different types of malware to compromise targeted PCs and use computer’s resources for own needs. They can even steal data and harm the system locking it to obtain a revenue.

Malicious software can be not in the form of a program only, that is also a file that compromises the system once appears in the system. Various functions of the malware applications have extremely negative effect on the PC performance and may completely compromise the system turning the infected workstation into a robot which works in favor of hackers.

Internet visitors often mislead malware with virus, in fact, virus is only a type of malware. Besides this one, there are many other sorts of computer threats that have different features despite the fact that all of them have malicious purposes about the targeted PC.

We distinguish several kinds of malware; virus, adware, spyware, Trojan, ransomware, bot, bug, rootkit, worm, keyloggers, browser hijacker, backdoor and rogue security software. Next time we will tell you a little bit about all of them, their key features and symptoms.

Malware occurs in the system without users direct intention, moreover, it can conduct its hazardous activities really long while the owner of the infected computer has no idea about the fact of penetration. To prevent malware appearance users need to be really careful online. Add an anti-malware tracker to get rid of the malicious objects that manage to omit security defenders.


Do you really know what is going on with your PC? Can you tell for sure that nothing bad has penetrated the system and started hazardous process? If you still have doubts answering these questions, this piece of information is exactly for you. Take your time and check the main symptoms of PC infection.



When PC starts speaking that is a sign of computer infection. It can talk to its owner via pop-ups, error messages, notifications, etc. Such activity is common for the adware, PUPs and some other computer threats which conduct “non-silent” activities to generate traffic and spread advertisement banners. The notifications commonly appeal to Internet visitors with suggestions to install a fake anti-virus utility. Seeing alerting messages, scan the system faster to know what is actually going on.


Yeah, that is what cyber criminals aim to do when they inject some computer threats on your workstation. They try to monetize your PC and design new and new tricks with this purpose. High network activity could really happen because of the downloading some data by the currently running program or update of some apps. Check this moment first. If nothing is going on, moreover, your PC is not connected to the Internet, it is a high time to scan the system with an anti-malware scanner.


If your friends complain about random messages they get from your page on social networks or emails, you have a serious reason to start worrying. Probably, your accounts or e-mail address have been hacked, so cyber criminals have access to all people from your contact list. Try to reset the passwords and try to make a new e-mail, then you can delete your old one. This is a real shock for many users as anyone from your address book risk to receive a message with suspicious content. Who knows what you can offer them to buy?..


It may sometimes happen that clicking on the button to access Control Panel gives no results. This is the sign of serious problems with OS functioning. Of course, the deal can refer to the other technical problems with software, but it is always better to check malware presence. Full scan with anti-malware software like antivirus or malware scanner can reveal the problem and report about computer threats your PC possibly facing. Take care of security to prevent hackers attacks in the future and keep your private information safe.



Many of Internet users are getting paranoid these days because of various computer threats. Why do I see so many pop-ups? It is normal that I’ve accidentally opened spam email before deleting it? Maybe, my PC is hijacked and somebody is watching my browsing history, how do I know? All these and many other questions spring to mind every time something weird happens to your computer. It is quite normal to ask them and check the symptoms. Scan your PC regularly with an anti-malware tracker. It detects all potentially unwanted items and deletes them. Remember that it is better to predict then to find a solution against the problem.


Now, you can definitely have a clue about the real state of affairs in the system. As you see, regular scan can save your computer and protect the privacy. So, hurry up to install a malware-removal scanner and track all potentially unwanted objects from your workstation.


Everybody receives spam emails, some people get only several letters per week, the others suffer from permanent spam flow hourly. There are several scenarios Internet visitors may experience concerning this topic if they agree to read spam emails.

SCENARIO 1: “The winner takes it all”

There is a category of scammers who deal with deceiving users that they have won some bounty. Yes, they do win, despite the fact poor users even did not participate in any lotteries or sweepstakes. Internet visitors are often told that they have become testers of brand-new items which famous companies have just released and need to have honour reviews and feedbacks from users. That is a lie! Real companies have no idea about iPhone drawings and other giveaways. Scammers motivate users to believe in their trick and pay shipping fee. All-in-all, gullible netizens have a blessed penny while cyber criminals count their money.


SCENARIO 2: “Leads are at gunpoint”

Some companies haunt leads for promoting own business. Sales leads are the contact of potential clients (individuals or organizations) they want to obtain to advertise their services or goods. That is why they blast emails and start mass dispatch of letters and propaganda of previously mentioned items. This scenario mostly happens one time per user from a single company as if you are not interested in the suggested issues, Internet vendors will have no intention to drive you crazy, they better start searching other customers.


SCENARIO 3: “I send spam to my friends”

It goes without saying that this scenario is the worst one. When someone hijacks your e-mail address and starts attacking your friends, members of the family, colleagues,and God forbid, your BOSS!.. in other words, all people from your contact books receive spam letters with links to irrelevant content. That is a real nightmare! Firstly, you have to cope with all confused and often irritated users who have got your letters. Then, you find out that particular contact may disappear and you cannot search them. If you decide to reset passwords and create a new e-mail, you will see that to remove your previous e-mail address is impossible. Only reliable defense including antivirus and anti-malware scanner can protect you from this scenario and prevent it from happening in the future.


Well, you see that all scenarios undergo harmfully for the users and all of them have bad ends. Still, you can prevent all of them with the help of specially designed utilities and your own prudence.


How often do you complain on the low battery charge? Do you know that there are some crucial factors that consume the lion’s share of the phone energy and eliminating them you can substantially prolong the life of the device? Follow our tips and forget about constant charging!

Auto brightness prolongs battery life

Bright and vivid display looks nice, it’s both eye-catching and battery killing. Display of the phone consumes the lion’s share of the battery energy. That is why it is better to sacrifice acid colours for longer life of your device.

However, if you are not ready to bid farewell to your best summer picture just because it is flamboyant, we offer you to meet with an auto-brightness feature. This nice setting saves battery due to the automatic adjustment of the brightness.

You won’t even notice the difference, however, the battery will last longer. This perfect mode avoid running the phone at full brightness, and you forget about constant charging.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth gives a brilliant opportunity to play music wirelessly and have your wireless speaker turn on. Sadly, but these functions “eat” the battery. You can save a whole hour if you turn off Bluetooth after listening to radio in the car.

The same goes about Wi-Fi that keeps you up to date and drains the energy at the same time. Many users complain on long switching on and off that takes several clicks and swipes, so they prefer to keep Wi-Fi turned on. You can install the Wi-Fi toggle widget, place it on the home screen and enable or disable Wi-Fi in one tap.

Do not use different chargers

Designing the product, developers hope that you will use only original complement units to make your phone the most efficient. Consequently, it is recommended to use the charger that came with your phone. Genuine charger has perfect compatibility with your gadget. There will be no power surge as the rating is correct.

Of course, if something happened to the original charger, you’ve broken it or damaged, you will have to substitute it for a new one. Try to get your phone’s manufacturer charge and avoid cheap fakes from retailing sites.

Vibrate is bad for the battery

It goes without saying that is much more comfortable to put the phone on vibrate in the office and avoid sudden ringing your favourite pop song. However, ringtones do not need so much power as vibrate. The sound which comes out of the phone takes fewer efforts of the device, it is a simple process that enables phone’s speaker to produce music or some sounds.

In case with vibration (by the way, have you ever thought how it works) it is necessary to rotate a small weight that shakes the phone and creates vibrate. No wonder this mode consumes plenty of energy. Turn vibrate off and you will be shocked that your battery can leave longer.


As you see, the tips are really simple but effective. Now your phone will live longer due to the turning off background processes and modes that save the battery. Remember about security of the phone as it is also very important. Who needs an infected gadget even if it works long time?


Why do we have to press the buttons if our smartphones can understand our voice? It’s a modern world, do whatever you want to do. Any required app or option can be started with several sounds only. We used to dream about this function, now we are able to enjoy it without restrictions.

Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri and Amazon’s Echo will hear you whenever you are able to execute commands. Nevertheless, there are always two sides to the coin. Let’s have a closer look to find out the drawbacks of this “perfect” option.

The thing is you never know who listens to you and what exactly he is able to ear. Maybe, it will be your password, financial information, sensitive data, etc. Then, users come across with various ransomware that ask for revenue to give this data back.

Even innocent things like location, home address, phone number can turn out to be weapons in the hands in the hands of hackers. There is some truth in the films about criminals who start watching their victims via their web-cameras and listen to their phone calls.

Now, it is right time to understand what makes risks and how to secure your privacy. So, we are going to highlight the most crucial moments which are able to disturb your private life and make troubles.

Smart speakers manage to distinguish your voice among nature sounds, car horns and dog barking, but it mistaken a three-year-old child voice and the words of adults. Consequently, kids can purchase furniture or gadgets in online stores thinking that it is just a game.

One man was shocked to know that all his voice messages and comments have been recorded and saved up in the cloud. Nothing foretold troubles when he was surfing the Internet and come across with this information. Firstly, it made him confused (Is it my voice? Sounds weird! Ha-ha!) but then… He reminded all that he had ever said and he had shivers running up and down his spine. It was too much confidence to his device.

>Kids do not understand this addiction that makes them dependent. Adults should explain them clearly where are the boundaries between convenience and idleness. They must know what they can say in loud and where to hold the tongue.

Voice assistance is a cool thing when it does not disturb your privacy. Try to use it mindfully and prevent loss of sensitive information. Make sure that you avoid revealing such data that can be used against you. Remember that a word spoken is past recalling!


  There is no special season for virus attacks, they take place every day and can happen to all Internet visitors. However, you may stop the penetration if you have a clue about hints that will indicate malware presence on your PC. So that, we want to share the way how you can declassify invaders before they harm the system.

  1. It’s way too slow

  Abnormal slowness of the PC is the first sign of computer infection. Malware slows down the work of the OS conducting own processes, and resources of your computer are spent on malicious needs. It takes a lot of time to run the applications that previously started just at once. Internet navigation is also a disaster after virus appearance as pages load for too long.

  • Windows Task Manager is your best helper in the situation when you do not know what slows down your system. Look through the programs that take the lion’s share of RAM memory.
  • When was the last time you checked the hard disk? It is probably full of files and apps, so it will be a good idea to clean all unnecessary items.
  • Remember to keep Windows apps and all the drivers updated, it also decreases the risk of penetration.

  1. You stumble over adds

  You will never know the full size of your screen until annoying adverts start stealing its space. They are not only messing normal browsing but indicate potentially unwanted objects in the system. As a rule, adware is responsible for the generation of irritating advertisement banners on your PC. To remove or block these persistent notifications is a real challenge even for IT Gurus. However, there is one thing you can do with the pop-ups before you delete them with an anti-malware tool. Not for the world, do not click on the pop-ups that have no credibility.

3. Between the devil and the deep blue screen

  Even those, who have not so much experience in sort of things concerning programming, know that a blue screen is a very bad omen. Your PC can crash at any time. You are watching a movie or playing a game, and then, all of a sudden the video/game freezes and you face a blue screen of death.

  Both of two cases that may cause such error should alert you:

  1. There is a technical error as a result of incompatibility of some software that is on your PC.
  2. Malware has penetrated the system.

  Anyway, you need to be especially careful and sensitive with all changes of the PC performance. Keep an eye out for the hints we have told you about. If you get used to checking the system regularly (you can do it manually or with the help of Anti-Malware Scanner), there will be no more problems with the system in your life. Easy peasy!



  How to choose the best and the safest applications among thousands of applications in the App Store? If popularity plays a key role for you, it is mandatory to read our tips right now! There is a risk to lose your sensitive information and money after launching fishy app with a huge number of downloads.



  Let’s start from the very beginning. Use only trusted sites where you can meet legal apps. It is better to avoid random sites with suspicious content. Look through the application settings, they should not require compromising your device. If there is a possibility to decrease the risk of your data loss and minimize some settings, do it to make the app fitting the security demands. In case when the application looks weird and does not inspire confidence, think twice before installation. There are plenty of similar software, so you can try to find something more reliable and safe.

  It is an interesting fact that there are plenty of applications rating of 3+, but these age limits has been recommended by the developers of the software. The rules of the site which spreads the app may require a particular age of the peopson, for example, at least 14. Still, the kid can try to register and install the application successfully despite the limitation. Unfortunately, if the administration figures out that you have broken the rules, your results may be invalidated, you will lose all the progress. That is why you need to choose the apps with acceptable age limit and restrictions.

  Be careful with applications which tie credit cards to require fees for particular functions and promotions. If you still think that only games can take money to leap the level or improve the armour, that is only partially right. Nowadays, many apps require payments for the additional services or scanning documents. So, you need to be careful not to lose your money without a direct wish. It is better to check the settings and confirm each purchase manually, that can save you hundreds of dollars. In spite of all tries to make you click on the button, you will be able to pay only after the renewed request of the system. Thus, you can refuse unwanted actions.

  Pay closer attention to the app permissions. Apps require a permission for access to your data and particular functions on the device. The temptation to leaf through faster and click on “Permit” is high but you should make an effort and manage to read the requirements before using a new app. If you refuse, one day you may find out that your location and contacts are available to the third-party users. That is why it is better to check the settings and make sure that none of them compromises your privacy.

  Update your applications in time! When you install the app onto your device, it doesn’t matter that it will work without any modifications. Developers are constantly improving the app and fix some suspicious issues. It is impossible to design a perfect product without any bugs, so the work is ongoing even after the application release. As a rule, vulnerabilities of the program cause serious security problems. Consequently, you should hold your finger on the available updates and keep your apps up to date all the time.


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