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Beware of! This misleading website and its application are dangerous for your system and have nothing in common with Facebook official network. Security specialists call it “phishing” and classified as a browser hijacker – is able to produce pop-ups in the browser and redirect you to malicious domains. Moreover, after installed this virus claims about an error on PC and invokes users to call for a “free number” 1-844-4933-625 to resolve this problem. Don’t trust such messages – you probably haven’t any problems except scam software, which is trying to gain money from you.

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Are you infected with You know the answer without any scanner. If your computer screen burst with fake alerts, the answer is obvious. If you click on one of these popups, you’ll be redirected to the malicious website of its developers. Remember, that is considered as a really unwanted browser add-on and it would be better if you uninstall it ASAP.


How to delete HpUI.exe from your computer?

HpUI.exe is a very malicious process that is related to some adware browser hijackers like iStart123. This “exe” file can bring a lot of troubles to your systems starting from installing lots of adwares on your PC, changing homepages of your browsers, hijacking your browsers and annoying you with huge amounts of advertising pop-ups. Still have doubts about delete HpUI.exe or not? If you read attentively what is written above then we’re sure that you are ready to undertake measures concerning deleting HpUI.exe from your computer immediately. (more…)

How to remove Ads by NewPlayer?

There’s a constant danger for your browsers if you notice any signs of Ads by NewPlayer in your computer. This means that a currently “popular” adware has been installed to your computer recently. That doesn’t mean that you should panic but don’t be lazy to read our guide to the end and to find out how to get rid of Ads by NewPlayer right now. (more…)

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