Search Defense Ads is potentially unwanted software that can bring many commercial pop-ups, text ads, full-page ads, search ads and other notices full of advertising links to your computer. This dubious program can sneak into your PC unnoticed cause it is distributed in conjunction with freeware and shareware software. Once it is in your computer, it starts to affect search options by integrating there predetermined websites. The main reason of existance of these ads is money of course. The more clicks – the more money are earned.

search defense ads

People who stand behind this and soft created by those people are aimed to make  money on advertising. Security experts also warn that Search Defense Ads virus and other adwares can track  and record your search habits in order to use this information for commercial purposes. It is recommended to remove Search Defense Ads as soon as possible.

How Search Defense Ads virus can penetrate into my PC?

Search Defense Ads and other programs, ad-supported often rely on questionable methods of marketing and distribution. You can add this unwanted software while downloading and installing free software, games and other third-party programs. Many people do not check out what exactly they are downloadind in conjunction with freeware. However, you have to start using these simple tips that will help you to avoid unwanted programs like this  one. When installing dubious programs try to avoid “fast“ or “recommended” settings. Select “custom” method of installation or similar and follow the whole process step by step.

How to remove Search Defense Ads from my computer?

This and similar adwares can lead to much more than just annoying you by numerous pop-ups and other ads. In some cases, you may expose your computer to even more threats because you can be easily redirected to unsafe web sites. Therefore, we recommend you to scan your system with a reliable anti-spyware tool and remove Search Defense Ads. Use Loaris Trojan Remover which is the best ads-detector. All you have to do is to download it, click on “scan” and the rest will be done by our utility.

Search Defense Ads automatic remover:

Loaris Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware – Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware – when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it…

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If you still want to try to delete Search Defense Ads manually follow the instructions below. But be careful and don’t harm your computer more than it is now.

Remove the newly installed freeware, which spreads 

Click Start – > Control Panel – > Programs (or Add or Remove Programs) – > Uninstall a program.

Here, look for Search Defense Ads, RemoveThaeAdAopp, UTUobEAdaBlock, SafeSaver, SupTab, ValueApps, candy, updated version of the software, DP1815, video player, convert files for free plus-HD 1.3, BetterSurf, reliable Web, LyricsBuddy-1, , Media Player 1.1, saving bull, Feven Pro 1.2, Websteroids, saving bull, HD-Plus 3.5, Re-markit and similar records.

Select the “Change / Remove” and then click OK to save the changes

How to remove Search Defense Ads from browsers:

Internet Explorer:

  • Open Internet Explorer, click the gear icon or ‘Tools’ – > ‘Internet Options’.
  • Here, go to the “Advanced” tab and click “Reset”.
  • Go to “reset Internet Explorer settings” – > “Delete personal settings” and click on the option ‘Reset’.
  • Finally, click “Close” and OK, to save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the “Help” – > “Troubleshooting Information” section.
  • Here, select “Reset Firefox» a couple of times and “Finish”.

Google Chrome:

  • Press the menu button Chrome, select ‘Tools’ – > ‘extensions’, to find the unknown entries and remove them by clicking the Cart.
  • Do not click the “Settings” – > “Manage Search” and change the default search engine.
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