How often do you complain on the low battery charge? Do you know that there are some crucial factors that consume the lion’s share of the phone energy and eliminating them you can substantially prolong the life of the device? Follow our tips and forget about constant charging!

Auto brightness prolongs battery life

Bright and vivid display looks nice, it’s both eye-catching and battery killing. Display of the phone consumes the lion’s share of the battery energy. That is why it is better to sacrifice acid colours for longer life of your device.

However, if you are not ready to bid farewell to your best summer picture just because it is flamboyant, we offer you to meet with an auto-brightness feature. This nice setting saves battery due to the automatic adjustment of the brightness.

You won’t even notice the difference, however, the battery will last longer. This perfect mode avoid running the phone at full brightness, and you forget about constant charging.

Turn off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

Bluetooth gives a brilliant opportunity to play music wirelessly and have your wireless speaker turn on. Sadly, but these functions “eat” the battery. You can save a whole hour if you turn off Bluetooth after listening to radio in the car.

The same goes about Wi-Fi that keeps you up to date and drains the energy at the same time. Many users complain on long switching on and off that takes several clicks and swipes, so they prefer to keep Wi-Fi turned on. You can install the Wi-Fi toggle widget, place it on the home screen and enable or disable Wi-Fi in one tap.

Do not use different chargers

Designing the product, developers hope that you will use only original complement units to make your phone the most efficient. Consequently, it is recommended to use the charger that came with your phone. Genuine charger has perfect compatibility with your gadget. There will be no power surge as the rating is correct.

Of course, if something happened to the original charger, you’ve broken it or damaged, you will have to substitute it for a new one. Try to get your phone’s manufacturer charge and avoid cheap fakes from retailing sites.

Vibrate is bad for the battery

It goes without saying that is much more comfortable to put the phone on vibrate in the office and avoid sudden ringing your favourite pop song. However, ringtones do not need so much power as vibrate. The sound which comes out of the phone takes fewer efforts of the device, it is a simple process that enables phone’s speaker to produce music or some sounds.

In case with vibration (by the way, have you ever thought how it works) it is necessary to rotate a small weight that shakes the phone and creates vibrate. No wonder this mode consumes plenty of energy. Turn vibrate off and you will be shocked that your battery can leave longer.


As you see, the tips are really simple but effective. Now your phone will live longer due to the turning off background processes and modes that save the battery. Remember about security of the phone as it is also very important. Who needs an infected gadget even if it works long time?

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