Q: What is the duration of Loaris Free Trial period?

A: We offer our customers 15 days for free trial of Loaris Trojan Remover.

Q: I have purchased Loaris and got my activation code (license key). I have two computers (desktop and laptop). I would like to run Loaris on both of them. Can I use the same activation code for my desktop and laptop simultaneously, or do I need to purchase Loaris twice?

A: For home use of Loaris you may indicate the activation code on both of your PCs.

Q: I have received my license key by e-mail but cannot activate the program.

A: In order to activate Loaris you need to indicate correct e-mail address you gave during the registration process as well as the license key.

Q: I have lost my activation code and cannot recover it. Could you please send it to me once again?

A: In order for us to send you the activation code please give us your order ID and correct e-mail address you indicated during registration process. You can send us this information at any time via Ticket Support System http://support.loaris.com

Q: I have problems while trying to update Loaris Trojan Remover. Is there a way to update software on one computer using another PC? I have a laptop that is infected with some virus preventing me from running my browser. When I try to update Loris I am blocked from your Web site. Is there a way I can download the update onto another computer and then load it on to the infected one?


Q: Your software was able to eliminate Trojans on my PC. However, leftover from several scans is still the irritating problem of being redirected to another sites when I try to upload a link using Google search. What should I do in this case?

A: We recommend to you to do the following:

Q: I ran the trial version of Loaris Trojan Remover and it identified several items recommended for removal. To do this, I purchased a license from your website and received an activation code. Each time I entered this code into the screen showing the items to be removed I was redirected to a new screen requiring me to re purchase. How do I activate the program to remove items found in the trial version of Loaris?

A: To activate your version of Loaris Trojan Remover you need to enter e-mail address you indicated during the purchase as well as the activation code. By clicking the link below you will get a short manual how to register

Q: What do I do with the items in quarantine after determining they are actual threats? Should I delete the items in quarantine after finding them?

A: Files in the quarantine do not represent any threats. They are stored in the encrypted form and cannot harm your PC. If the program puts files in quarantine they can be restored at any time. However, if you clear quarantine storage, it will be impossible to recover those files.

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