Quick Start is referred as a potentially unwanted program ( aka PUP) that is being actively spread together with browser hijackers such as awesomehp.com, qone8.com, websearches.com, sweet-pages.com, and key-find.com. Quick Start has many common traits with such applications as SubTab and IETabpage Class which can also infiltrate to your browsers by means of bundled installers.

Quick Start new tab

Quick Start creates an impression of a necessary application able to improve the performance of your browser. It claims to help you to get a quick access to different Web pages, including Google, social networking websites, gaming websites, and weather forecasts etc. You see the links to the sites you need every time you start your browser. Despite all these useful traits, Quick Start enables you to browse the Internet. A Quick Start tab contains a search box which reroutes you to a particular search engine, which depends on the browser you have.

Quick Start will display numerous sponsored links, advertisement banners etc if running on your PC. You are recommended not to click them in order not to be redirected to the sites you have never intended to visit. It learns your personal information about your browsing activity, redirect you to some commercial web domains and prompt you into clicking these ads, generated by this adware. If rerouting you to commercial websites, this program makes money from affiliate links, and attracts traffic and page ranking for these pages. It may bring further infections to your PC, it makes the browser run slow, using a big part of system resources. In order not to be targeted by this and other relevant PUPs one should use the reputable search providers in order to prevent data loss and targeted advertisements.

One more important point you should understand once and for all. Almost any free program contains some unwanted extras. In order to avoid any unwanted installations, make sure not to skip reading the Terms and Agreements while installing any program. This step will allow you to decline the installations of the applications you do not want to have.

So, be advised enough while installing anything on your PC. The reliable sources are preferable. It is strongly recommended selecting custom installation and avoiding any suspicious objects. Be safe surfing the Web. Do not get upset if Quick Start interferes in your steady computer work. You will the tutorial below on how to deal with this unwanted stuff.

Quick Start malware automatic remover:

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