Being conscious, anyone would like to have the PC working better even under the condition that it is okay. We would like to share simple performance tips, to upgrade productivity of your workstation. Nothing complicated, it just needs doing.

A bad workman blames his tool. Firstly, make sure that there are no multitude of files and folders on your desktop. Most of them are rubbish that only disturbs your attention from useful items. Customer folders and regular backup are what you need to save time and improve own efficiency.

There is a link between you RAM and computer speed. Memory plays a key role while loading and running the programs. Click on the ‘View amount of RAM and processor speed’ in the Control Panel to check the state of RAM.

Do you know how many programs are active at startup? Majority of the utilities you use have an option to start automatically with Windows. If you do not check your background, this information may stay unknown for a long period. Check whether you need all those programs, in case, when some of them you don’t use often, enable them to start with switching on PC. That will substantially save your speed and memory.

When hard disk sees fragmentation, it takes more time to perform. General efficiency falls down under the condition there are a lot of empty spaces. Regular defragmentation enables users to speed up their workstation and eliminate freezing. In case, when defragmentation is scheduled, you can do it manually from time to time.

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