Do you really know what is going on with your PC? Can you tell for sure that nothing bad has penetrated the system and started hazardous process? If you still have doubts answering these questions, this piece of information is exactly for you. Take your time and check the main symptoms of PC infection.



When PC starts speaking that is a sign of computer infection. It can talk to its owner via pop-ups, error messages, notifications, etc. Such activity is common for the adware, PUPs and some other computer threats which conduct “non-silent” activities to generate traffic and spread advertisement banners. The notifications commonly appeal to Internet visitors with suggestions to install a fake anti-virus utility. Seeing alerting messages, scan the system faster to know what is actually going on.


Yeah, that is what cyber criminals aim to do when they inject some computer threats on your workstation. They try to monetize your PC and design new and new tricks with this purpose. High network activity could really happen because of the downloading some data by the currently running program or update of some apps. Check this moment first. If nothing is going on, moreover, your PC is not connected to the Internet, it is a high time to scan the system with an anti-malware scanner.


If your friends complain about random messages they get from your page on social networks or emails, you have a serious reason to start worrying. Probably, your accounts or e-mail address have been hacked, so cyber criminals have access to all people from your contact list. Try to reset the passwords and try to make a new e-mail, then you can delete your old one. This is a real shock for many users as anyone from your address book risk to receive a message with suspicious content. Who knows what you can offer them to buy?..


It may sometimes happen that clicking on the button to access Control Panel gives no results. This is the sign of serious problems with OS functioning. Of course, the deal can refer to the other technical problems with software, but it is always better to check malware presence. Full scan with anti-malware software like antivirus or malware scanner can reveal the problem and report about computer threats your PC possibly facing. Take care of security to prevent hackers attacks in the future and keep your private information safe.



Many of Internet users are getting paranoid these days because of various computer threats. Why do I see so many pop-ups? It is normal that I’ve accidentally opened spam email before deleting it? Maybe, my PC is hijacked and somebody is watching my browsing history, how do I know? All these and many other questions spring to mind every time something weird happens to your computer. It is quite normal to ask them and check the symptoms. Scan your PC regularly with an anti-malware tracker. It detects all potentially unwanted items and deletes them. Remember that it is better to predict then to find a solution against the problem.


Now, you can definitely have a clue about the real state of affairs in the system. As you see, regular scan can save your computer and protect the privacy. So, hurry up to install a malware-removal scanner and track all potentially unwanted objects from your workstation.

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