Why not to get OS leak in case when you already found where to get them for free?! The idea to enjoy new features and improvements is really great, however that is a question what real effect such action will have on your PC. Let’s find out together what are the risks of leaked operating systems and are they worth downloading? It is important to know both sides of the coin.

Leaked OS always raises questions and it is better to clear them before users agree to download. We are sure that to understand why this has been done is impossible. In fact, such question can motivate you to change your decision to get the software or at least prevent mindless actions giving the time to think.

The majority of leaks depend directly on security vulnerability the company with targeted software has. Some of the most active malicious users are the offended employees who think that spreading cracked software and giving the access to the company products will yield profit. Hackers are also here to exploit vulnerabilities. Bloggers are among people related to leaks. Their desire to hype coincides with attention around the leakage they use for own promotion.

As a rule, software taken on the low-trusted resources has a big risk of malware infection. Leaked OS also repeats the same scenario and may contain malware samples. Cybercriminals will not miss the chance to inject something hazardous inside. Decision to download cracked operating system has to coincide with confidence to the site where you take it.

It seems that malware-free version does not feel lack of confidence, in fact, the site can have malware-laden ads to start virus installation simply in your attempt to obtain desired OS.

Installation of the not official software will always remain a risky thing. There are several tips you can follow to make the process less dangerous. Sadly, it will not be absolutely safe for the computer. So, keep your current antivirus up-to-date to protect your PC in case of computer threats. Click the original download link only. Make sure you control all the steps of installation.

Leaked OS is not what official resources propose. It has plenty of doubtful moments if to say about efficiency, all the features users desire to have and so on. Comments on the sites with Leaked downloads may change your strong decision to download such an attractive utility.

All the time developers improve operating systems making it more convenient and user-friendly. It is routine practice to find bugs and glitches while testing. That is why developers work hard to eliminate critical issues and make OS better for users. All these modifications do not exist on the leaked versions.

One minimal issue may lead to the worst scenario for your computer. The bootloader is able to treat a tiny glitch in such a way that your machine will not launch anymore. Sadly, smartphones are not the exception, they can also be involved in the same situation and become “brick”.

  1. Stay away from the leaked OS. Install only reliable and proven software you can take on the respectful resources.
  2. Use Virtual Machine to make sure nothing suspicious is with the leaked OS, no dangerous viruses are there.
  3. Try to run the leaked OS in a Virtual Machine while you are offline to prevent bugs and malware infections. Then, check your antivirus and anti-track software to prove that nothing bad can happen to the system.  
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