We are the authors of own destinies and in modern frames all have the chance to try the fortune on the Internet. So that, job hunting navigates Web users to expand the borders of typical chasing the most appropriate post and write resume to apply for vacancies online. Sadly, there are several traps and pitfalls users may not know about.

If you prefer to deal with online resume and often visit recruitment websites to check interesting vacancy announcements, you should know about popular traps employees can meet on the Internet.

Avoid any personal details and sensitive information in your resume. Strengthen your real qualities and do not lie about some bogus skills. Be sure that you enroll on the official page of the institution you would like to work at.<

When you are ready with resume, it is time to check Privacy Policy of the intended company site. There should be information about data usage, in other words, how your sensitive information will be managed.

Choose only the most secure platform which does not make a risk fr your privacy. Have a look at your social network profiles, maybe, it is necessary to hide/eliminate some information.

Do not be meat on a hook to scammers who are hunting for victims pretending to be employers. It is your business to check official documents of the company you are applying for. Job hunting makes people not careful and absent-minded, especially those who are doing this for the first time.

Remember to keep your private space protected all the time, share only non-risky information about yourself.

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