Your financial details are your business

Remember your passwords, logins, credit card details are the issues not worth sharing.  As modern technologies advance, fraudsters have load of chances to steal this kind of information via email, phone call, instant messages, surveys and other types of social engineering. It is mandatory not to share your sensitive information. That is why it will be not a difficult thing to reveal scammers when they ask to tell your personal details pretending to be a bank or financial company.


Many untrusted organizations and cybercriminals get rich due to donation. Helping people online, you should be really careful to avoid fake charitable organizations, they only pretend to do good, in fact, they collect donated money forcing users compassion. Unfortunately, people in need will never see this money as they pass away to the hands of fraudsters.


Any quick profit schemes seem unreliable as they are spread online by cybercriminals. Investment plans can really bring profits to users, however, they need special skills and particular knowledge as well as preparation and time for that. Investment return offers are what you have to stay away even if you are told they are low-risk and will be soon turned into profit. Personal investments must be done under the conditions you rely on the source of income 100% and even more.


Job seekers hunt job offers with the best conditions like big salaries, quick promotion, rewards and other pleasant bonuses. As technologies advance, job seeking take place online to save time and have more opportunities to send CV in companies including abroad organizations. Sadly, hackers and malicious users choose the same method to get own profit and chase personal information they can sale after that. What should alert potential employees: if you share your name, personal qualities and previous experience in the resume, that is okay. If you are asked to give your address, credit/debit card details, bank details, that is bad. Most likely, you deal with fraudsters. Be mindful and careful while applying for a new job.


Shopping online often ends up with stolen money and personal details. You do not have to refuse this convenient way of purchasing, just be more careful and pay attention to the next moments. Malicious users try to track your credit/debit card details and they can really do that while you are making online payments. Security measures are required here. Pay attention to the URL if you see http instead of https together with the lock symbol, the site feels lack of confidence. Read comments from previous users, there you can find some information which will make you doubt or vice versa will motivate to continue purchasing.


Online Dating is not a new kind of the way to find a perfect match without stress and disappointment. In fact, this variant contains many traps and pitfalls. While chatting with a potential partner, user can easily share too much information and say anything confident that  cyber criminals may exploit for own needs and profits. Make sure you registrate on the proven resources and limit the chat not to spill the beans. Attractive pics do not mean you have to tell unknown people all the background.

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