There is no special season for virus attacks, they take place every day and can happen to all Internet visitors. However, you may stop the penetration if you have a clue about hints that will indicate malware presence on your PC. So that, we want to share the way how you can declassify invaders before they harm the system.

  1. It’s way too slow

  Abnormal slowness of the PC is the first sign of computer infection. Malware slows down the work of the OS conducting own processes, and resources of your computer are spent on malicious needs. It takes a lot of time to run the applications that previously started just at once. Internet navigation is also a disaster after virus appearance as pages load for too long.

  • Windows Task Manager is your best helper in the situation when you do not know what slows down your system. Look through the programs that take the lion’s share of RAM memory.
  • When was the last time you checked the hard disk? It is probably full of files and apps, so it will be a good idea to clean all unnecessary items.
  • Remember to keep Windows apps and all the drivers updated, it also decreases the risk of penetration.

  1. You stumble over adds

  You will never know the full size of your screen until annoying adverts start stealing its space. They are not only messing normal browsing but indicate potentially unwanted objects in the system. As a rule, adware is responsible for the generation of irritating advertisement banners on your PC. To remove or block these persistent notifications is a real challenge even for IT Gurus. However, there is one thing you can do with the pop-ups before you delete them with an anti-malware tool. Not for the world, do not click on the pop-ups that have no credibility.

3. Between the devil and the deep blue screen

  Even those, who have not so much experience in sort of things concerning programming, know that a blue screen is a very bad omen. Your PC can crash at any time. You are watching a movie or playing a game, and then, all of a sudden the video/game freezes and you face a blue screen of death.

  Both of two cases that may cause such error should alert you:

  1. There is a technical error as a result of incompatibility of some software that is on your PC.
  2. Malware has penetrated the system.

  Anyway, you need to be especially careful and sensitive with all changes of the PC performance. Keep an eye out for the hints we have told you about. If you get used to checking the system regularly (you can do it manually or with the help of Anti-Malware Scanner), there will be no more problems with the system in your life. Easy peasy!

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