PWS refers to Password Stealer (stealing log-in details). This malware spoils life of many Internet visitors stealing their privacy and transmitting it to the third-party users. Pay your attention to the next symptom which will help to reveal the threat.


PWS infection that is also known as PWS-Trojan comes with rogue files to change proxy settings. Access to the Internet takes more time than usually so that users feel complexities, intended sites load a slew of unwanted pop-ups or show up advertisements in front of Web visitors.


Your registry entries will not remain the same as this malware is going to modify them. The main purpose is to give cyber criminals complete and the only access to the all existing on the PC information without possibility to change everything back. Slowness, stuttering, freezing are waiting for the computer in the near future.


Internet slowness is not always result of the provider’s fail. You may already know that the Trojan slows down your network when conduct own activities and downloads other hostile objects. Resources of the infected PC shared between the owner and third party go to unknown needs.


Startup is enormously long, it takes too much time to boot up, pages do not load while browsing. Check your background, you will notice unknown programs and active processes that are loading without your direct intention. Computer performance is the first indicator of infection, it may say a lot about the state of security and malware penetration.


First things first, the deal is in malware detection. That is a piece of cake if you use a malware scanner. In case, when you steal do not realize a necessity to have a smart cleaner, we may persuade you that regular check and full scan keep the system healthy.

Then, you should get a registry cleaner program to remove invalid registry entries on your Windows Registry.

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