Everybody receives spam emails, some people get only several letters per week, the others suffer from permanent spam flow hourly. There are several scenarios Internet visitors may experience concerning this topic if they agree to read spam emails.

SCENARIO 1: “The winner takes it all”

There is a category of scammers who deal with deceiving users that they have won some bounty. Yes, they do win, despite the fact poor users even did not participate in any lotteries or sweepstakes. Internet visitors are often told that they have become testers of brand-new items which famous companies have just released and need to have honour reviews and feedbacks from users. That is a lie! Real companies have no idea about iPhone drawings and other giveaways. Scammers motivate users to believe in their trick and pay shipping fee. All-in-all, gullible netizens have a blessed penny while cyber criminals count their money.


SCENARIO 2: “Leads are at gunpoint”

Some companies haunt leads for promoting own business. Sales leads are the contact of potential clients (individuals or organizations) they want to obtain to advertise their services or goods. That is why they blast emails and start mass dispatch of letters and propaganda of previously mentioned items. This scenario mostly happens one time per user from a single company as if you are not interested in the suggested issues, Internet vendors will have no intention to drive you crazy, they better start searching other customers.


SCENARIO 3: “I send spam to my friends”

It goes without saying that this scenario is the worst one. When someone hijacks your e-mail address and starts attacking your friends, members of the family, colleagues,and God forbid, your BOSS!.. in other words, all people from your contact books receive spam letters with links to irrelevant content. That is a real nightmare! Firstly, you have to cope with all confused and often irritated users who have got your letters. Then, you find out that particular contact may disappear and you cannot search them. If you decide to reset passwords and create a new e-mail, you will see that to remove your previous e-mail address is impossible. Only reliable defense including antivirus and anti-malware scanner can protect you from this scenario and prevent it from happening in the future.


Well, you see that all scenarios undergo harmfully for the users and all of them have bad ends. Still, you can prevent all of them with the help of specially designed utilities and your own prudence.

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