Cinema-Plus (also known as Cinema-Plus-1.2) is usually offered as an extremely useful tool that will increase the productivity of your system. This program promises to help you to view YouTube videos in better quality and adjust the screen backlight. We can not guarantee that the program will provide you with everything it promises. Cinema-Plus is a free application; so this program is definitely supported by advertising. This means that if you add this dubious extension to your browser, you will probably see the hype, everywhere you go.



No matter which browser you use, or what kind of site you are visiting, Cinema-Plus ads can follow you everywhere. If you see ads that are marked as «Powered by Cinema-Plus» (or Cinema-Plus 1,2), you should think about checking and scanning your computer and find out if this unwanted program is hidden in it.

We recommend you to download Loaris Trojan Remover which will qualitative scan your system for viruses, integrated modules and other malware. All you have to do is to download our removal tool and install it to your computer and then proceed to “Scan”. Voila!

How Cinema-Plus hacks your computer?

This dubious program is always attached to numerous freewares. It’s hard to say what specific freeware can transmit the virus Cinema-Plus. So just be careful! Although the program is relatively harmless, Internet users may neglect its real danger.. This is because the Cinema-Plus may appear in your computer from anywhere and to initiate a variety of undesirable activities behind your back. In the worst case, if you hit its ads, you can end up in the damaged site and infect your computer with a virus. If you do not want this to happen, you should always make sure that your computer is protected. Moreover, you should avoid downloading suspicious freewares without checking if these programs are safe enough for your system. Read the user’s license agreement and follow the step-by-step installation process. It may take only a few minutes but still can protect your PC from malware. However, this will increase your chances to prevent such offenders.

How to remove Cinema-Plus from your PC?

Usually, this program is hidden in a Remove Programs folder in your browser directory where you store all add-ons, plug-ins and extensions. Do not let the Cinema-Plus to redirect you to dangerous web-sites. If you found any traces of Cinema-Plus in your computer – make sure you delete it immediately. Immediately means now! Follow the instructions below to prevent really bad consequences.

First action you have to do is to provide your computer with good security level utility that will protect your system from external threats. We recommend Loaris Trojan Remover. Download it now by clicking the link below.

Cinema-Plus Ads automatic remover:

Loaris Trojan Remover aids in the removal of Malware – Trojan Horses, Worms, Adware, Spyware – when standard anti-virus software either fails to detect them or fails to effectively eliminate them. Standard antivirus programs are good at detecting this Malware, but not always good at effectively removing it…

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Remove Cinema-Plus from your browsers:
Internet Explorer:

  1. Open Internet Explorer, go ‘Tools‘ → ‘Manage Add-ons’ → ‘Toolbars and Extensions’.
  2. Here, look for unfamiliar entries, such as Cinema-Plus, Cinema-Plus-1.2 and click ‘uninstall’.
  3. Once you remove it, set your preferred start page.

Reset your Internet Explorer (Optional):

  1. Open Internet Explorer, click the Gear icon or ‘Tools‘ → ‘Internet Options’.
  2. Here, go to the ‘Advanced’ tab and click the ‘Reset’ button.
  3. Go to ‘Reset Internet Explorer settings’ → ‘Delete personal settings’ and click on ‘Reset’.
  4. Then click ‘Close’ and OK to save the changes.

Mozilla Firefox:

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, go ‘Tools’ → ‘Add-ons’ → ‘Extensions’.
  2. Find unfamiliar entries, such as Cinema-Plus, Cinema-Plus-1.2 and click ‘Uninstall’.
  3. After that, change the start page.

Reset your Mozilla Firefox (Optional)

  1. Open Mozilla Firefox, go to the ‘Help’ section → ‘Troubleshooting Information’.
  2. Here, choose a ‘Reset Firefox’ for a couple of times and ‘Finish’.

Google Chrome

  1. Click the Chrome menu button on the Google Chrome browser, select Tools → Extensions.
  2. Here, look for Cinema-Plus, Cinema-Plus-1.2 or similar unfamiliar extensions and get rid of them by clicking on the Recycle Bin.
  3. Don’t forget to change start page.


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