Funmoods is a toolbar, which is still a reason to argue for many people. Some experts believe that this toolbar is completely safe and people who set it up do not expose their computer to danger. Their opponents believe that Funmoods toolbar is able to redirect the search results of your browser, and actually the evidencesof this were found. Our recommendation concerning this plugin – instant removing of Funmoods from your computer.


Usually Funmoods toolbar is used by active users of Facebook and other social networks, as well as users of various communicational programs. Funmoods toolbar provides users with a very unusual set of emoticons. Some people are even ready to view enormous amount of advertising to use these free emoticons. Also, using Funmoods gives the opportunity to access Facebook chat wherever you are. Funmoods also comes with a Funmoods home page, a new tab to search and default search.

Yeah, maybe it is not a virus toolbar or any other kind of computer infection, but many users complain that their computers were infected with viruses after clicking on pop-up advertising windows generated by Funmoods.

Funmoods toolbar automatic remover:

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There are several ways how Funmoods toolbar can get into your computer. The easiest and most common way is to install it personally. Most likely, the user is unaware of possible consequences of the installation. Also Funmoods toolbar can be installed on computer without user’s permission. This may occur when you visit any suspicious web pages that contain malicious software.

As you have noticed, it is pretty difficult to get rid of this toolbar and its search in conventional methods. But if you decided to remove Funmoods from your computer manually, then the instructions below are for you.

First, clear the cache, cookies, and try to change your home page. The instructions below will explain you how to do all of this.

Instructions for Google Chrome:

  • Open your browser and close all Funmoods pages.
  • Press CTRL-SHIFT-DELETE, when your browser is opened. Then put ticks in the first four fields and press “for all time“.Then click Clear history.
  • SelectNetwork – > Change proxy settings select General tab set blank pagefor the start page of your browser.
  • Close the browser.

Instructions for Internet Explorer:

  • Open your browser, select ToolsDelete Browser History.
  • Delete temporary files and “cookie”. After removal, click OK.
  • Now change the homepage. ToolsInternet OptionsCurrent, here choose blank page.

Instructions for Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open your browser, click Tools Clear Recent History. Select All, click the Details button, put a check on the cache and cookies, and then click Clear Now.
  • Then click on Tools, select Settings.
  • Change the address of the home page and click OK.

Then you must remove Funmoods toolbar from all your browsers as well.

Internet Explorer:

  • Open the browser, then go Tools Manage additions.
  • select Extensions.
  • Find unwanted toolbars delete them.

Google Chrome:

  • Open your browser, enter in the address bar: chrome://extensions.
  • Select toolbars you want to delete and click Remove.

Mozilla Firefox:

  • Open your browser.
  • Click Tools, then Manage additionsextensions. Find unwanted toolbars and extensions and delete them.

After you do everything that is written above you need to restart your computer.



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