Children are the most vulnerable point of your security, they need your close attention and permanent care. They often hide that something has happened with their device or somebody suspicious has written or contacted them. And, of course, kids like to visit sites and resources that are unknown for them despite the fact that plenty of them are forbidden for their age.

Use privacy settings

Kids must have both freedom and feel responsibility for own online actions. In fact, if children understand what will be the result of their behavior, they are able to make the right decision. When parents do not allow their kids to use the Internet, it only incites them to break the rules. It will be much better to change settings in the browser, social media accounts to prevent visiting suspicious resources and forbidden sites. Limit the number of visitors who may write your children on social networks and filter inappropriate content on YouTube.

Tough passwords

If you register your kids on the site or they want to do it themselves, remind them to create a complicated password. It is likely to be unknown for children why it is so important. Explain youngsters that the password which contains  numbers, symbols, upper and lower case letters is more encrypted and hard to compromise. Teach your child to remember all the passwords and avoid using the same ones on different sites.

Parental controls

Do not be afraid to apply parental control apps; there are many of them existing. Use such programs to know what sites your kid visits and how much time he or she is online. The same applications allow you to block unwanted sites and resources that you consider not confident. The thing is that parents are able to know about interests of own child without disturbing kids privacy. That is a cool way to know about favourite things and preferences.

Check settings

Commonly, when you install an app, it asks for the access to you gallery, camera, microphone, location, etc. Children can mindlessly accept required conditions simply clicking on the button to start installation. They know nothing about bundled tools that allow third-party users to get remote access to the private data so that they can use this sensitive information to obtain a revenue. Tell your kids about necessity to do every step of the installation carefully.

Security software

Remember to install security software and prevent appearance of the potentially unwanted objects on the smartphone or laptop your kid uses. In such a way you can teach your child to clean all rubbish and keep the system clean. You will be sure that there is no suspicious application that your kids may interconnect with.

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