Social Networks has become one of the most important parts of our lives. Today almost every teenager has an account in one of the most popular social networks, or even in all of them. These networks were created to allow people to built relations between each other, who share similar interests, activities, backgrounds or real-life connections. But besides that, social networks can present a danger to you and people around you, these are the reasons why Social Network Security has become very important for all Social services. Take a look at statistic below:

Social Network Security

More than 3 billion people are active internet users and there are 2+ billion active social network accounts. With this amount of people, social networks can become a perfect opportunity for criminals of all kind. Have you ever thought that They can also use this social tool for their own purposes? Sometimes it is terrifying how much information you can extract from a simple research of a social network account and this data can by used by different criminals to get profit from this user or other, more harmful intentions. That is why it is very important to protect yourself and our accounts with all possible ways, provided by particular social network service and not only. We have created a few simple tips that will allow you increase your Social Network Security and make you more protected from possible attacks.

1. The most important thing in Social Network Security – Login and Password

Use the strongest password that you can think of! Use Big letters, numbers, symbols (if social service allows that)!

The very first thing that you see, when trying to sign up on some social network, is a request to enter your Login and Password. Even a simple home user can try to crack your social account by using “brute force”. It means, that cyber criminals can brute your password entering most popular or most plausible of them. Today this work is being executed by different bots and brute programs, they can check thousands of variations of passwords and logins and in some point of time, they WILL succeed. That is why the stronger the password, the longer time it needs to brute force or guess it.

2. Content you or your children are posting

Think twice before posting! Every word can be used against you.

Posting and reading. These are two most popular activities in social networks. And while reading is never a bad thing, posting can lead to unexpected consequences. For example, if you post about some problem you have (lack of money or bad mood or else), criminals can use it to gain trust. This obsession can go further, if you analyze posts of a random person, you can learn his interests, where he works, where he lives, his friends, when he is home and what he is doing in that time. And now imagine that a criminal can learn same information from your profile or your child. Scary, right? That is why you should make posts very carefully or make them visible only for friends, which is the next step of our post.

3. Set up your Privacy settings correctly

You need to use all advantages of privacy settings of your social network!

As it was said before, posting can be very dangerous and privacy settings can be very helpful in Social Network Security. Velocity Digital reports showing us that 25% users of Facebook don’t even bother with a privacy of their accounts.

Social Network Security

Setting up these options correctly will decrease the possibility that an unknown person will be checking your profile, posts, and comments. These settings can be different in each social network, so we will give you only common tips here. Make your posts and profile visible only to friends, allow them to comment, don’t accept any friend requests from strange, suspicious or unknown persons. Following this simple rule, will make you safer.

4. Revealing your personal information to public

Never (!!) reveal your personal information on your page to anyone, don’t even speak about it.

This is a very dangerous and common mistake for a newbie person. You can register a new account and allow everyone to see your e-mail address, phone number, birthday and so forth. Everyone can open your profile information and see it. Unfortunately, criminals can use this info in many ways, like blackmailing through the phone or email, trying to brute force your email and then recover password for anything that was bound to this address. That is why this may be the most dangerous mistake you can ever make in social networks. Don’t make criminal lives easier.

5. Posting photos and tagged locations

Be mindful of photos you are downloading and posting in social networks. Try not to reveal your location to unknown persons.

Content like photos we decided to make as a separate tip. Most users don’t even think that other people can use location tags on their photos to find them in real life. Some users like to post photos of their food with location tags from the same “favorite place” every Sunday or so. By doing that, they are letting criminals know where they can be next Sunday. Or use location tag function in their own home, now every person in this social network may know where he lives. According to the statistic at the end of 2016, 74% of burglars use Google to scope out potential homes before they strike and 78% of burglars are using Facebook, Twitter, and other networks to find a new target.

6. Last but not least – Trust no one

Don’t trust other people your login and passwords! Or any other information that can lead to that.

This one may be very obvious, but sending your login and password to another person can end very badly. And not only because this person can mess with your account, but also because cyber criminals have a lot of methods to intercept private messages. Trust is not actually a problem here, you can be sure that the person you are about to send info to is 100% reliable, but there is always a possibility that this message can be intercepted by some third-party people, even though it is very low.

A little more about Social Network Security

Nowadays IT technologies allow us to do amazing things, but there are always people who will use any opportunity to make a profit for themselves and Internet opens almost unlimited potential. Social Media is already a field for burglars and cyber criminals where they can choose a particular person and do a research on this user. According to the statistic, there are more than 1.6 billion social network users from all over the world, no wonder that Networks like Facebook and Twitter has become most favorite targets for them. This is the main reason why you should by mindful of Social Network Security and Internet Security in general. Leave comments and questions below or contact us, we will gladly help you with any problem.

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