is a dubious search engine, distributed by means of free programs. It is designed to work on all popular web browsers including IE, Mozilla, Chrome, etc If it manages to attack your browser, it l replaces your start page, default search engine as well as new tab page. If you start searching anything you need, using, you get strange search results, it happens because this unsafe application usually shows the sponsored Web pages instead of normal results. Actually, most of the sites offered in the search results are full of various sponsored links, malcodes and other annoying stuff. If you are offered any updates there, keep away from clicking “Download now” because almost all of them are bundled with other potentially unwanted programs like Besides, it is responsible for delivering uncontrollable pop-ups which will irritate you very much. It also has the function to track your browsing on the Internet and steal the information from your browsing history. It does it to provide you with the relevant advertisements. Usually, they are related to third party companies that try to push you into purchasing something useless. Even if you like anything that is advertised on these sites, never indicate your credit card numbers and other sensitive details there because the badware may record them and finally rob you off.