Archive for eAnswers tag: home page virus – how do I remove it? is a domain that may suddenly appear in the home page of your browser. Normally such preferences are strictly controlled by users. If anyone wishes to set certain domain as the startup page, he/she should provide such information manually via browser settings. However, with domain things are quite different. There is certain infection in the system that forcefully appends this argument in search settings. As a result, users see domain to be displayed in the beginning. When trying to fix the issue manually nothing specific happens. They still encounter this home page and do not know how to get rid of it.

(more…) installation process. What to do with domain has been designed with malicious purposes to spread notifications about eAnswers browser extension. Internet visitors often meet similar alerts in the browser, in fact this one is bluff to inject potentially unwanted object on the targeted computers.


Easy Method to Remove

Do you often face virus in your home page? Well, it’s time to tell you the truth — your computer has troubles with a hijacker. You will definitely need a solution to fix it. Especially your browser requires a decent fix, since appearance of started redirects to random websites that is not good for security of your personal data.


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