Archive for Easy Converter chrome tag: (Easy Converter) installation process. What to do with (Easy Converter)? pop-ups you notice in your browser strongly recommend to set up Easy Converter extension. We have personally investigated the issue and want to warn you, the extension is a harmful software! Google Chrome browser displays the largest number of such messages as the most interested for hackers. However, even if you prefer to use others, you also should be alert all the time. So, we would like to persuade you not to download the extension as it will impair your computer. If you have already got the threat into your system, you can use this short guidance to remove it.

(more…) (Easy Converter) pop-ups want to trick you! How to get rid of (Easy Converter)? adverts strongly recommend getting Easy Converter extension and do it urgently. We wanted to investigate the issue personally and want to share what was revealed: this extension is a dangerous software! Google Chrome browser often shows such messages, the hackers seem to be really interested in this browser. However, others should be alert, too. So, if you haven’t already downloaded the extension, don’t do it. In case when you have, you can use this short guidance to remove it.


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