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Remove home page is a metasearch engine with limited functionality. The platform only has a basic search field. There are no filters or additional options. Most people would find no use in this search provider. If you have noticed something suspicious about the website’s design, you are on the right track. Of course, the vast majority would notice that the sign has changed. Still, some users may be lead to believe that the established platform has gone through a change of design. This is not the case. Looking at the URL address, you will discover that the website has been loaded to your browser. This domain is dangerous. It is associated to a hijacker.


Ways to uninstall Easy Sports Access extension

Easy Sports Access may look like a useful software. It allows you to watch for news and scores of football matches, basketball, golf and so forth without accessing the news web resources. But, this program uses not very decent ways to be installed in your system, which is why may you want to remove it.


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