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How to delete Shopper Pro adware

Shopper Pro is freeware what was created to help users with their shopping online. This app will display many sales and offers on different things, so user can buy anything for the low price. Unfortunately, this app classified as adware and potentially unwanted program what often install without any notifications and will display millions of online ads every time you use your browser. Shopper Pro can easily infect all common web browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Mozila and Internet Explorer.


Shopper Pro Adware Removal

Shopper Pro (aka Shopper Pro Deals) is defined as annoying adware program, because it interferes with browsing activities with endless pop-up ads. All popular web browsers as Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome are in the risk group. If installed, it changes the default settings of the infected browsers, such as designated DNS and homepage. It starts displaying tons of promoting windows, various discounts, coupons and deals. It declares to make your shopping on-line quite beneficial for you. If you take this application like quite useful one, we will disappoint you a little bit. Except, these pesky ads, Shopper Pro can collect the private information such as your passwords, banking details, search queries. It learns your preferences to show more ads according to your interests. The redirects to unknown web sites are also guaranteed. In other words, it violates your privacy.


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