Beware of pop-ups, since their ultimate purpose is to infect your Google Chrome browser. For example, when people proceed with misleading suggestions by pop-ups they may mistakenly install certain suspicious extensions into their browser. As a result, it may be hijacked and infected with plenty of other malicious applications that may altogether be spewing out other pop-ups and causing numerous browser redirection troubles. However, the fact that pop-ups appear in your screen right now already means that your system is contaminated with certain adware. To remove it, you’re strongly advised to proceed with these guidelines explaining how to fix your browser and delete all malware traces from your system. pop-ups will cause a lot of stability issues for your browser and even the entire computer in general. Their repeated and quite intrusive occurrence will produce an extremely negative impact on performance of your computer, since there will be high CPU usage and consumption of many system resources. Eventually, the system may become essentially messed up and will keep regularly freezing.