If the newtabtv.com page has been set as a homepage and a New Tab URL on your Google Chrome browser, it means that a browser extension newtabtv.com has been added to the list of add-ons. Since not much information about this browser extension is available on its official website, users do not immediately understand that the presence of newtabtv.com is a result of the installation of this extension. Of course, not all the people willingly install this extension from its official website. Some of them get it from a file-sharing or a similar dubious third-party website together with free software, so it is not at all surprising that there are people who cannot explain why newtabtv.com is loaded when they open their browsers. If you are one of those users who know nothing about the installation of the newtabtv.com extension, go to remove it today. It is the only way to remove the undesirable search tool from browsers too.