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Remove is an irritating browser hijacker which replaces homepages, default search tools, and, in most cases, New Tab pages on all web browsers. Since it shows up on all of them, users quickly notice it. Unfortunately, not all of them understand immediately that they need to go to uninstall it as soon as possible.


Delete hijacker (removal guide) is a nasty application. It is not a legal software. Of course, it may seem like app from Google, however, the search engine is a redirect program. It aims to replace relevant search result to suspicious links. Thus, you may be redirected to unsafe web sites. You should not download any software from such web resources. If you decide to download some free app from them, you may get viruses and computer infection bundled with the app. We recommend you to delete fully.

(more…) virus (uninstall guide) is a typical browser hijacker. Once installed, it will show users lots of suspicious information (pop up ads, banners, so on). Thus, the software aims to redirect you to commercial web pages. It will create revenue for developers. We recommend you to remove it from your system. Below you find the detailed removal guide.


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