Why do we have to press the buttons if our smartphones can understand our voice? It’s a modern world, do whatever you want to do. Any required app or option can be started with several sounds only. We used to dream about this function, now we are able to enjoy it without restrictions.

Google Home, Alexa, Apple Siri and Amazon’s Echo will hear you whenever you are able to execute commands. Nevertheless, there are always two sides to the coin. Let’s have a closer look to find out the drawbacks of this “perfect” option.

The thing is you never know who listens to you and what exactly he is able to ear. Maybe, it will be your password, financial information, sensitive data, etc. Then, users come across with various ransomware that ask for revenue to give this data back.

Even innocent things like location, home address, phone number can turn out to be weapons in the hands in the hands of hackers. There is some truth in the films about criminals who start watching their victims via their web-cameras and listen to their phone calls.

Now, it is right time to understand what makes risks and how to secure your privacy. So, we are going to highlight the most crucial moments which are able to disturb your private life and make troubles.

Smart speakers manage to distinguish your voice among nature sounds, car horns and dog barking, but it mistaken a three-year-old child voice and the words of adults. Consequently, kids can purchase furniture or gadgets in online stores thinking that it is just a game.

One man was shocked to know that all his voice messages and comments have been recorded and saved up in the cloud. Nothing foretold troubles when he was surfing the Internet and come across with this information. Firstly, it made him confused (Is it my voice? Sounds weird! Ha-ha!) but then… He reminded all that he had ever said and he had shivers running up and down his spine. It was too much confidence to his device.

>Kids do not understand this addiction that makes them dependent. Adults should explain them clearly where are the boundaries between convenience and idleness. They must know what they can say in loud and where to hold the tongue.

Voice assistance is a cool thing when it does not disturb your privacy. Try to use it mindfully and prevent loss of sensitive information. Make sure that you avoid revealing such data that can be used against you. Remember that a word spoken is past recalling!

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