Vulnerability is a term used in cyber security to describe a flow in the system that makes cyber attack possible. The first notion that correlates with the term and can explain its definition is weakness. It will be rather instructive to learn about vulnerabilities as they open a door into your PC to hackers and third-party users despite existing on computer security.

Computer threats detect weaknesses/vulnerabilities in the security and use them to flow into the system. Then, they start their malicious activity concerning taking a control over the system, compromising PC, monitoring user actions and stealing sensitive information for getting a revenue. Improper security configurations are also guilty in the appearance of such gaps. Not up to date security patches provoke the same scenario.

There are several simple tips which will help to avoid vulnerabilities in the system:

  • Keep vital applications and components of the security patches updated.
  • Scan the system for vulnerabilities.
  • Configure security settings and make sure they are appropriate for your operating system.
  • Add anti-malware tracker to your security patch.
  • Limit access to personal files, make an effort to make important data confidential.


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