Bots are also known as Internet robots designed with a purpose to help get things done or answer the questions in Facebook Messenger, Skype, social sites and so on. They are often interconnected with malware as cyber criminals use them for malicious purposes. Helping hackers, bots or computer spiders may give remote access to the system and total control.

Bad bots/malicious bots are self-propagating, hackers spread them on the Web with the aim to infect as many computers as possible. Of course, these items can be used with positive intention to gather information or dynamically interact with the website, for example.

Netizens should be alert about some hazardous activities which bots often conduct. They may gather passwords and monitor keystrokes. In such a way they may even steal credential information. Bots are guilty in the opening back doors and installation of new viruses and Trojans.

Bots have one peculiar feature other computer threats cannot boast. They come into the system unnoticed and may remain undetected even after a long period. Computer has such places that are “in shadow” for the antivirus software, there bots hid under the familiar file names and processes users accept as innocent.

Personal data has to be protected all the time in case bots appear in the system. Disconnect infected computer, make sure that all vital information is backed up or save it after checking that it is malware-free. Clean your computer using anti-malware software. Scan the system regular and be mindless online.

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