This computer threat obtained own name due to the manner of penetration, usually, users have no idea that some side software has appeared on their PCs. Firstly, they install a typical file and then suddenly reveal sneaky application in the background of the system.


If Trojan Horse is in the system computer starts slowing down, even a minor task takes loads of time. Internet often disconnects without certain reason and pages load for too long. This computer threat consumes significant part of the computer’s resources, so that programs may freeze and crash. There can be browsers pop-ups which appear with abnormal frequency. In fact, if it is Trojan that mines cryptocurrency, it will behave quietly, without a bunch of adverts.

Ways of penetration

Commonly, Trojan Horse infection appears due to the spam emails sent to the random users. Beware opening unfamiliar emails from stranger, it is better throw them in Trash and delete without reading. Hackers often use social engineering techniques to spread the Trojan all over the Internet. They show up links to infected sites in the instant messages and redirect users to suspicious resources. In fact, Internet visitors may personally infect their workstations when they install software with malware samples and permit their installations like built-in tools.


The best solution of any problems is their prevention. Regular diagnostic scans of the system enable owners to know the real state of affairs. Keep all important applications updated, do not ignore updating operating system. Stay away from unreliable sites and not respected software. To click on the unknown links is a really bad idea. Use tough passwords on your accounts. Check whether your sensitive information is secure from side users.

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