Malware was made by combination of two words malicious and software, so that we have malware. Commonly, we meet the name “badware” which gives merely characteristic of the malicious software aims. Cyber criminals use different types of malware to compromise targeted PCs and use computer’s resources for own needs. They can even steal data and harm the system locking it to obtain a revenue.

Malicious software can be not in the form of a program only, that is also a file that compromises the system once appears in the system. Various functions of the malware applications have extremely negative effect on the PC performance and may completely compromise the system turning the infected workstation into a robot which works in favor of hackers.

Internet visitors often mislead malware with virus, in fact, virus is only a type of malware. Besides this one, there are many other sorts of computer threats that have different features despite the fact that all of them have malicious purposes about the targeted PC.

We distinguish several kinds of malware; virus, adware, spyware, Trojan, ransomware, bot, bug, rootkit, worm, keyloggers, browser hijacker, backdoor and rogue security software. Next time we will tell you a little bit about all of them, their key features and symptoms.

Malware occurs in the system without users direct intention, moreover, it can conduct its hazardous activities really long while the owner of the infected computer has no idea about the fact of penetration. To prevent malware appearance users need to be really careful online. Add an anti-malware tracker to get rid of the malicious objects that manage to omit security defenders.

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