Ransomware is one of malware categories, once it compromises the system, it deals with blackmailing to obtain a ransom. Access to the PC or particular files will be denied as this computer threat is able to lock down the system. An attacker asks a victim to pay money (often in bitcoins which are quite expensive). Sadly, those who agree to pay not always have restored access. Decryption key with full instructions how to unlock the system does not really mean that fraudsters will not do the same again and again.

The ways ransomware appears in the system are very diverse. This computer threat may come with phishing spam (untrusted file masked in an email). Users download and open the file, then, malware gets administrative access tricking the owner.

We are not going to explain the process of file encryption, the main point you have to know is that in the end the system or some files will be locked down without any possibility to get them back unless getting an unlocking key. After that, hackers start sending alerting messages to horrify the person. They may even promise to share sensitive data they have stolen on the porn sites or other suspicious platforms.

To prevent meeting with ransomware it is enough to fallow next rules:

  • backup your files regularly, this will help to restore them in case of compromising;
  • ue anti-virus software and anti-malware scanner to reveal and eliminate the threat in time;
  • avoid giving administrative privileges to the suspicious items, restrict the settings;
  • keep your applications up to date, getting new features and options developers implement.
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