Today we want to introduce you one more type of computer threat, we mean spyware. Spyware refers to the malicious software which has been designed to track users actions. Some experts think that this malware may be used not only with hazardous purposes, but the fact that it appears on the PC without knowledge of the owner signals the opposite.

Programs which fall into the category SPYWARE are able to record what user is doing on the computer. In such a way, third-party users may know about passwords, credit card details, banking credentials, etc.

Applications of this type work quietly and keep own presence in secret. Of course, the presence of malware spoils normal performance making it challenging. The owner comes across with unpredicted slowness and freezing.

As a rule, spyware is distributed due to the freeware resources. Internet visitors get to such pages accidentally (in fact, that could be planned by cyber criminals). License restrictions are minimal or absent on such sites, commonly, it is required to register and that is all. Consequently, hackers have plenty of victims and infected PCs.

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